Support for all members of special needs families


Tanya SavkoWho am I and why am I in the Different Lane?

I’m a lifelong writer and a mom of two young adult sons, one with autism, epilepsy, and bipolar. I have been a single parent for 15 years, and have struggled with bipolar myself.

In my writing I explore family dynamics, marriage, children, and the relationships that are the most important in our lives. Disorders in the family affect everyone, and everyone in the family has a voice, no matter how they communicate.

And that’s what I feel driven to write about. Not the slow lane or the fast lane – the different lane. How can we live our best lives here? How can we stare down our demons or celebrate what others don’t understand? In my writing, I explore the hard questions and strongest emotions. Fear, anger, and regret. Forgiveness, validation, and love. Learning to hold on through the deepest despair, and learning to let go with joy.