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Tanya Savko is the author of the novels Slip and Enough to Go Around. She created the award-winning website and has contributed to several anthologies, including Sisters Born, Sisters Found and Wit and Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids. Tanya earned her BA in English with a minor in Psychology at Southern Oregon University. She is a Behavior Consultant working with individuals who have a dual diagnosis of developmental disabilities and mental disorders. The Different Lane, her consulting business, teaches special needs families how to support every member of the family. For more information, visit




Praise for Slip:

“Savko’s debut is an engaging read with an honest approach to difficult subject matter.”Kirkus Reviews

“Engaging… A story of commitment and betrayal, responsibility and perseverance. Slip lures you in.” – Rogue Books

“A 21st-century, up-close-and-personal look at the complexities of being a single parent raising an autistic child.” – Kelly Howell, author of Deep Insight

“Correctly mirrors the lives of many parents struggling with a diagnosis of autism for their child. Eventually, calmer days do come to pass, and one sees the wonderment, strength, and beauty of a child living with autism.” – Genevieve Athens, Executive Director, Autism Society of Oregon



Praise for Enough to Go Around:

“A nuanced portrait of an American family that is as heartening as it is realistic… A touching tale about life, death, family and forgiveness.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Savko takes the reader on a ride as beautiful and complex as the intricate pysanky eggs she describes in the book. Blending old world with new, Enough to Go Around is the perfect read. I didn’t want it to end!” – Michelle O’Neil, author of Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar

“Wonderful – a story of a family much like many others, full of love, misunderstandings, secrets, shame, devotion, resentment, and mistakes, but most of all, forgiveness. I could not put it down.” – Carrie Wilson Link, author of Wil of God

“A reading pleasure – a memorable book whose characters you’ll love, root for and admire.” – Laura McHale Holland, author of Reversible Skirt and Resilient Ruin

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