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Please note that what follows below are some reviews of my novel, Slip. If you are looking for book reviews that I have written, please visit the following link:

Praise for Slip:

“Savko’s debut is an engaging read with an honest approach to difficult subject matter.”

- Kirkus Reviews


“A 21st-century, up-close-and-personal look at the complexities of being a single parent raising an autistic child.” –Kelly Howell, author of Deep Insight


“Correctly mirrors the lives of many parents struggling with a diagnosis of autism for their child. Eventually, calmer days do come to pass, and one sees the wonderment, strength and beauty of a child living with autism.” –Genevieve Athens, Executive Director, Autism Society of Oregon


“Engaging . . . a story of commitment and betrayal, responsibility and perseverance. Slip lures you in.”   –Rogue Books


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